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In the European automotive market, the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai does look aggressive in developing markets. One strategy is to refresh the look of their existing products. And this time turn the Hyundai ix35 or Tucson is known here as the experienced refreshment.

Called refresher, because experienced Tucson overhaul of the side view is significant. Interestingly when viewed at a glance, the changes that occur in the front similar to the design of his brother, the Hyundai Santa Fe.

The most obvious course of the use of crossbar grille with three chrome trapezoid-shaped house that has definitively inspired design of Santa Fe.

Not only that, the headlamp is also equipped with LED daytime running light system. Complementing the new look, the front bumper corners made ​​more rounded than the current version which is also offered in the country.

Despite having a more minimalist corner, but sturdy feel is maintained thanks to the use of new fog lamp which is slightly larger and a sharp angle.

Muscular aggressive body lines of the side still maintained. But the new Tucson is equipped with a rim with a new design. As well as applying new LED rear lamp.

In addition, other components of the upgrade details on new Tucson looks at the use of plastic material better. Then there is the addition of FLEX STEER driving system that offers driving modes Normal, Comfort and Sport.

Affairs power sources, Hyundai Tucson entrusted to hold the engine 'Nu' 2.0-liter GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) powered 164 hp, up from the current version of which is 'only' 161 hp. While for the Korean domestic market, also embedded the 2.0-liter turbo diesel powered 182 hp.

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