Test Drive Toyota Etios Valco

Toyota Astra Motor also finally glanced citycar segment that is now getting hot with many tough competitors such as the Kia Picanto, Nissan March, Honda Brio also. 

Citycar capitalize newest, Toyota Etios Toyota Valco expected as a weapon in citycar segment, which had high expectations, not only to enliven, but dominate this segment. 

Valco Etios Really worthy of being the number one segment that has so far held citycar Honda Brio? Review test drive this could be a reference for those of you who are intending to glance at this citycar to take home. 

Simple in design Affairs, disclosed in
InToyota uncomplicated in designing the exterior design of Toyota Etios Valco. This car has a simple design, both of curves and lines. Starting from the grill, bumper and fog lamp, also design headlights and rear lights are made harmonious.

However, as all of them make the Etios Valco can meet all the needs of the design tastes of Indonesian people, who want an elegant minimalist style car, or even sporty and dynamic, all contained in the exterior design of the Etios Valco. 

However, the simplicity of the cabin into oblivion so attractive, especially in the arrangement of the dashboard. AC funnel-shaped spiral ball, with a storied position in the center of the dashboard, as well as unique drawer opening trunk. 

Dashboard speedometer in middle position and design tachometer is very striking, although unfortunately with the design, it reduces the visibility of related information on the rotation speed and the car's engine. 

Complete feature to Urban Exploring 
Toyota Etios Valco equip with a variety of features that are fairly complete for a citycar, especially about safety. Call it dual airbags which has become a standard of Etios Valco, ABS and EBD brakes also.

Order of cabin comfort in the form of an audio enhancer also fairly exciting, with a double din audio, as well as the quality of the speakers is enough to make ears satisfied listening to music while traveling. Especially for the type of G there is also an audio button on the steering wheel.
Unfortunately, the materials used in the cabin Etios Valco still looks less classy and some parts are a little less neat detail.

Performance 1.2 Liter engine that Pas 
Armed with machine code 3 NR - FE, 4 Cylinder, 16 Valve DOHC 1,197 cc capacity, Etios Valco can produce power up to 80 PS and torque of 10.6 kgm.

To roam in the city, the resulting performance of this car is quite responsive. Acceleration in gears one and two also had a long breath, so the driver does not have to make a quick change gears at a higher position. 

Except for fishing power fuller, Etios Valco need a high engine speed, at least with the engine speed above 2,000 RPM, then the energy really feels. 

The clutch pedal is also a little too lightly interfere with, because sometimes the car so less gas pedal vibrates when the clutch pedal is released when stepped on. 
The cabin relief and Comfortable Seating Position 
Toyota Etios Valco also designed to be a comfortable urban car. This can be felt starting from relief cabin space. Sitting in the front and rear seats, shades cabin still feels relieved. 

Likewise when I had to be the driver, the seats are ergonomic and soft, making me feel really comfortable and did not feel tired. Comfort seating position, is perceived more distinct points. 

Unfortunately, the position of the clutch pedal and brake pedal are too tight, making the foot at first a little clumsy to operate this car. In addition, the position and design of the A-pillar right side still has a blind spot when they want to turn right. 

But the affair is fairly nimble handling Valco Etios and stable, both when driving and when should high speed meandering narrow streets are crowded. Damping suspension is also quite soft and does not make the driver and passengers disrupted by unnecessary shocks.

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